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Written By: Terry Hatchell

MLM Blog Topic: Avoid These 5 Mistakes Most Online Marketers Make To Reach Your Income Goals . . .


Almost all of us, who jump online looking for a way to make more money, or MLM Success, end up making little to none.   This MLM Blog topic explains why it's not your fault!

You see, the way most money making opportunities are sold, 'IS' by making you think it's requires no work, or know how,  so even a caveman can do it.  Which is misleading to say the least.

Please understand, how full time marketers get to where they are, DID NOT happen because they experimented for years.  Trying to figure it out on your own, really, is the most common marketing mistake residual income seekers make.

The truth is, creating an income online does require you to gain, at least, a few new skills. But believe it or not, many of these skill will automate your business, which gives your more free time (and more free time is one good way to define success).  So, to save you from some of the headaches that are waiting for you . . .

Here's Your MLM Blog Tip For Today:

5 Marketing Mistakes You Can Actually Avoid:

MLM Blog point #1:

Killing Yourself Before You Start (Which Leads To Quitting):

Remember this: MLM Success starts with belief in your self (and your dream).  So, whatever you do, start with the easiest thing first. When you do so, you'll build up belief in what you're doing & in yourself.

For example: most decide they're going to make a killing in a Network, or Affiliate Marketing opportunity, by using Pay Per Click advertising (P.P.C. means you pay $$$'s  each & every time someone clicks on your ad) .

Although this is the fastest way to generate traffic to your offers, it's also waaaaay to easy to blow hundreds of dollars on Ad Words, or any kind of Pay Per Click method.

Until you understand P.P.C., start with something easier, like E-Mail advertising (easy to learn and is really effective). Consider using the Ad Co-op attached to your MLM, or develop your Forum Marketing skills (that's FREE traffic).

MLM Blog point#2: Ignoring Mind Set

I've talked with a healthy number of serious marketers, and have read their articles. It's amazing how so many different marketers run into the same types of people.

Almost everyone entering this business (except those who where in business for themselves prior), come in with an employee's mind set.  Most expect things to happen on a schedule, or come with some kind of guarantee.

Mental re-training is mandatory, and believe it or not, is 80 to 90 percent of what is blocking your path to success.

MLM Blog point#3: Killing Your Own Reputation Doing This . . .

This might be the most common Network Marketing mistake of all time: Believing that in order to really make money,  you must join a new opportunity that's still in  'Pre-Launch'.

You know, the funny thing about that is, this is still the internet,  the technology play ground.  Lots of new companies have, & will, continue to pop up every month. Problem with MOST new money makers is, their software (usually) hasn't been field tested enough.

Trust me on this, there's nothing that will chase your new prospects away faster, than a back office (personal access area) that doesn't do what it's suppose to.

Your MLM Success depends on your reputation, and that gets damaged a little bit, every time you recommend someone to a new opportunity, loaded with gremlins in the system.

Best Bet?

Look for opportunities that are established, have strong leadership, and are thus more stable & reliable.  If it's not stable, there's no way you'll be able to build a long term, residual income in it.

MLM Blog point#4: Paying For Marketing Out Of Your Own Pocket

Network Marketing (the residual income field) is where the big money is.  If you learn to do this correctly, you won't have to work at  it like a job forever (unlike Affiliate Marketing).

Problem is, Network Marketing takes longer to establish.  If you pay for your advertising & program cost out of pocket (100%), you'll go broke and quit.  The trick is  to learn what a 'Sale Funnel' & a 'Funded Proposal' is, and how it almost guarantees success.

MLM Blog point #5: Not Knowing This MLM Success Secret: 

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I hope you find these other short blog post interesting.  These are the same processes that 'ALL' of the most successful online marketers use.  - Terry Hatchell 


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